ARC 19-21dBi 5GHz Variable Gain and Beam Dual-polarization

ARC 19-21dBi 5GHz Variable Gain and Beam Dual-polarization
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ARC Wireless ARCFlex™ dual-polarization variable sector ARC-VS5821SD1 antennas feature ultra wideband frequency performance, providing robust connectivity for a range of broadband radio equipment. The unique variable beamwidth capability allows for easy, single-point adjustment of horizontal beamwidth (60° – 120°). Mounting brackets provided allow for easy adjustment of up/down-tilt.
Variable Sector Antenna 4.94-5.875 GHz, 60-120° Beamwidth, 21-19 dBi
ARCFlex ARC-VS5821SD1 Features:
Wide range of beamwidths, 1 SKU
Mechanical slide for easy field adjustments
Ultra wideband frequency performance
High gain antenna in compact package
Low profile, rugged design for outdoor use
US Engineered
Manufactured under strict US quality control procedures



Product Specifications
Product Name 19-21dBi 2.4GHz Sector Panel Wireless Antenna
Model ARC-VS5821SD1
Frequency Range MHz 4.94-5.85
Bandwidth MHz 910
Gain dB 16-18
F/B ratio dB ≥25
VSWR ≤1.5
Input Impedance Ω 50
Maximum Power W 50
Connector N Female x 2 N Male to RPSMA Male x 2
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions mm 680 x 180 x 80
Mounting 30-55
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