CV-D16SPANA-RW Cambium Networks cnVision Client MINI 16 dBi IP55 Subscriber Module

CV-D16SPANA-RW Cambium Networks cnVision Client MINI 16 dBi IP55 Subscriber Module
Brand:Cambium Networks
Product Code:CV-D16SPANA-RW
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CV-D16SPANA-RW cnVision Client MINI 16 dBi IP55 Subscriber Module. Mid-range coverage that can also serve as a hub for point-to-point connections.

cnVision™ is Cambium Networks' new line of wireless backhaul products that are custom designed to serve the video surveillance market. The line of products was created with the intention to be cost-effective and predictable in performance with the right blend of features that integrate smoothly into the CCTV space.

Reliable Transmission

Losing a critical frame in your video transmission is unacceptable. With a deterministic protocol, high resiliency to interference and a built in packet re-transmission mechanism, cnVision ensures those critical video frames arrive when they need to. Adapting to changing environments, cnVision can shift gears just like the transmission system in a car to ensure reliable delivery of critical video. 


User security via different login privileges, radius authentication, HTTPS Browser access, SSH and AES 128-bit data encryption with proprietary protocol makes cnVision the last thing to worry about in your network.


ONVIF and Stream Detection Support
With a built in ONVIF client, cnVision client products can detect and display camera hardware models and system information. Stream detection capability allows viewing of the camera feed from within cnVision clients.

  • Automatic Packet Retry: Lost frames due to interference are retransmitted to minimize frame loss
  • cnVision Companion: Standalone tool that allows for device discovery, network planning, and software update support
  • VMS Integration: Seamless integration with common Video Management Systems (VMS), such as Milestone™, Genetec™ and others
  • ONVIF: Camera detection via ONVIF discovery
  • Stream Display: Camera feed display in Hub/Client UI
  • Can also act as a HUB


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