Ubiquiti have changed the name of a few of the NanoBeam devices to PowerBeam the units are the some the only differance is the name and part number.

NBE-M2-400 - Changed to PBE-M2-400 now part of the PowerBeam Range

NBE-M5-300 - Changed to PBE-M5-300 now part of the PowerBeam Range

NBE-M5-400 - Changed to PBE-M5-400 now part of the PowerBeam Range

NBE-M5AC-500 - Changed to PBE-5AC-500 now part of the PowerBeam Range
The Ubiquiti PowerBean is a High-Performance airMAX® Bridge PTP or PTMP 
Models: PBE-5AC-500, PBE-M5-400, PBE-M5-300, PBE-M2-400
Uniform Beamwidth Maximizes Noise Immunity
Innovative Mechanical Design
High-Speed Processor for Superior Performance
Scalability High capacity and scalability.
Long Distance Capable of high-speed, carrier-class links.
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Ubiquiti AirGateway-LR Long Range
The Ubiquiti airGateway-LR is an indoor AP that will plug directly into Ubiquiti POE's. ..
Ex Tax: $41.90
Ubiquiti Isolator Ring for Ubiquiti 620 Dishers ISO-BEAM-620
Ubiquiti Isolator ring for PowerBeam 620 and RD-5G30-LW Description The Ubiquiti IsoBeam™ is ..
Ex Tax: $116.90
Ubiquiti PowerBeam 2AC PBE-2AC-400
Ubiquiti AirMax PBE-2AC-400   -  PowerBeam 2AC UBIQUITI PBE-2AC-400-US 2.4 GHZ..
Ex Tax: $148.90
Ubiquiti PowerBeam 400mm Radome PBE-RAD-400
Ubiquiti airMAX PBE-RAD-400 fits PBE-M2-400/PBE-M2-400 and NBE-M5-400/PBE-M5-400 PowerBeam/Na..
Ex Tax: $21.90
Ubiquiti PowerBeam 5AC ISO PBE-5AC-500-ISO
Ubiquiti Ubnt PowerBeam ac ISO PBE-5AC-500-ISO 5GHz airMAX ac Bridge with RF Isolated Reflector ..
Ex Tax: $264.90
Ubiquiti PowerBeam AC PBE-5AC-500
Ubiquit PowerBeam PBE-5AC-500 with Radome 500mm Dish antenna 27dBi Ubiquiti Point to Point li..
Ex Tax: $232.90
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Ubiquiti PowerBeam AC PBE-5AC-620
Ubiquit PowerBeam ac PBE-5AC-620 620mm Dish antenna 30dBi Ubiquiti Point to Point l..
Ex Tax: $295.90
Ubiquiti PowerBeam M2 PBE-M2-400
PBE-M2-400  -  PowerBeam M2 The PowerBeam M2-400 has a compact, all-in-one design w..
Ex Tax: $109.90
Ubiquiti PowerBeam M5 PBE-M5-300
NBE-M5-300 - Changed to PBE-M5-300 now part of the PowerBeam Range Now in stock, the new Ubiq..
Ex Tax: $108.90
Ubiquiti PowerBeam M5 PBE-M5-400
Ubiquiti PowerBeam PBE-M5-400 25dBi 400mm Compact and Robust Product Design Ubiquiti's H..
Ex Tax: $128.90
Ubiquiti PowerBeam PBE-5AC-Gen2
Ubiquiti PowerBeam Ac Gen2  PBE-5AC-Gen2 Ubiquiti  PBE-5AC-Gen2 High-Performanc..
Ex Tax: $156.90
Ubiquiti PowerBeam PBE‑5AC‑Gen2-5 5 Pack
Ubiquiti Ubnt PowerBeam ac PBE‑5AC‑Gen2-5 5GHz airMAX ac Bridge 5 Pack High-Performa..
Ex Tax: $751.90
Ubiquiti ETH-SP-G2 Ethernet Surge Protector
Ubiquiti ETH-SP-G2 Ethernet to Ethernet Grounded ESD Protection The ETH-SP-G2 is e..
Ex Tax: $21.90
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