Ubiquiti PowerBeam M5 PBE-M5-400

Ubiquiti PowerBeam M5 PBE-M5-400
Ubiquiti PowerBeam M5 PBE-M5-400 Ubiquiti PowerBeam M5 PBE-M5-400
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Ubiquiti PowerBeam PBE-M5-400 25dBi 400mm Compact and Robust Product Design

Ubiquiti's High-Performance PowerBeam PBE-M5-400 with Integrated InnerFeed™ airMAX® and Gigabit Ethernet Port POE and Australian Power cable
Incorporating a dish reflector design with advanced technology, the PowerBeam™ is the latest generation of Ubiquiti Networks® airMAX® CPE for customer location.
Quick and easy to assemble the PowerBeam™ requires no tools for assembly; only a single wrench is required for pole-mounting
Integrated Design Ubiquiti’s InnerFeed™ technology integrates the radio into the feedhorn of an antenna, so there is no need for a cable. This improves performance because it eliminates cable losses.
Ubiquiti's Innovative Mechanical Design of the PowerBeam PBE-M5-400.
• Built-in mechanical tilt The mounting bracket conveniently offers 20° of uptilt and up to 20° of downtilt.
• Quick assembly The number of fasteners was reduced to simplify assembly. Tools are required only when the technician mounts the PowerBeam on the pole.
• Easy removal The antenna feed can be detached with the push of a button.
Processor Specs Atheros MIPS 74Kc, 560 MHz, Memory 64 MB DDR2, 8 MB Flash Max. Power Consumption 8W POE and Australian power cable included.

Ubiquiti NanoBeam PowerBeam M5 PBE-M5-400 has activity and signal strength LED's provided for installers on the feedhorn. Enhanced RF and Ethernet ESD/Surge protection enables prolonged operation in harshest environments. Breakthrough Wireless Performance, Ubiquiti AirMax and Ubiquiti AirControl Support

150+Mbps of real outdoor throughput and up to 25km+ range.  Ubiquiti NanoBeam M products utilize Ubiquiti's revolutionary AirMax

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