Ubiquiti Rocket Family

Ubiquiti Rocket Family includes the Ubiquiti Rocket M5 (RM5), Rocket M5 GPS (RM5 GPS), Ubquiti Rocket Ti Titanium (RM5-Ti) Rocket M2 (RM2) Ubiquiti Rocket M2-Ti Titanium (RM2-Ti) all powerful outdoor units for the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bands designed for direct mounting on the OUTSIDE antenna series UBNT AirMAX. Unit allows for real communication speeds up to 150 Mbps. Thus the unit can simply create the backbone connections or access points.

Another Ubiquiti Rocket advantage is in addition to high data transfer rates thanks to the use of 802.11n standard time multiplex TDMA, which allows the unit in the AP to connect more than 300 clients, and low latency.

The output of the Ubiquiti Rocket MIMO antenna AirMAX 2 x RPSMA Female connectors in the waterproof design.
The Ubiquiti Rocket web administration is very simple and clear. You can set the ubiquiti Rocket as: AP mode, client or WDS, traffic shaping, QoS between WAN and LAN routing and transparent bridge, with or without NAT NAT antenna polarization (vertical / horizontal / adaptive) disable or enable the output to an external antenna signal strength, which correspond to the specific signaling LED output power up to 27 dBi

All Ubiquiti Rockets included is a 24V or (48V Ti Models only) power supply and PoE injector with Australian Power cable.